Orange Avenue Baptist School offers opportunities for spiritual, educational, social, and physical development. We encourage you to become involved in your child’s development by attending all school activities and functions, participating in your child’s special Learning Center events, and praying daily for the staff and administration. We trust that the Lord will enable us to provide the best education possible for your child.

Orange Avenue Baptist School was started in August, 1984. The members of Orange Avenue Baptist Church saw the need for quality Christian education to reach lost parents and children as well as provide an alternative for Christian parents and students. Orange Avenue Baptist School started with grades K-4 through 4th grade and used A BEKA curriculum in its classrooms. The response from families in the community was overwhelming, and demand for quality Christian education continued to grow. In 1985, 5th through 8th grades were added to the school. In 1987 grades 9-12 were added, and 7-12 grades were placed on the Accelerated Christian Education program. In 1992, Orange Avenue Baptist School transferred all grades to the Accelerated Christian Education program. Our school ministry has continued to grow and help meet the spiritual and academic needs of students in our community.

Orange Avenue Baptist School has over 60 graduates as of 2014. Our graduates have been accepted in colleges and universities across the country,served in the armed forces, and have pursued careers in many diverse fields. Our graduates have earned doctorate, masters, bachelors, and associates degrees from numerous accredited universities.

Our students have participated in State and International Student Leadership Conventions for more than 25 years. They have consistently won medals and trophies in competition.

Orange Avenue Baptist School has been consistently awarded Model Status for the last 16 years by Accelerated Christian Education Ministries, which is based in Nashville, TN.